Zachery Eng
Brand & Graphic Design
Open to Contract and Full-Time Opportunities
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ECD: Malcolm Buick // CD: Daniel Irizarry // DD: Allison Connell // Design: Boyang Xia, John Keuogh // Motion: Cillian Carroll // UX/UI: Kristen Barry // Strategy: Katherine Lee, James Gillispie, Jameson Proctor // MD: Kristen Ord, Nathan Brouillet // 3D work: Colors and the Kids // Illustration: Petra Sitaru
Project Overview
Rooted in simplicity from its inception, ShareFile swiftly grew as a business offering a secure and user-friendly platform for sharing and signing digital documents. Originally caught under Citrix's wing in 2011, ShareFile later embarked on a journey of independence, presenting an evolved focus from file-sharing to the human elements of a modern client experience. The brand crafted for this narrative prioritizes placing people at the center, emphasizing ShareFile's commitment to simplifying communication, facilitating collaboration, and automating tasks for both customers and their clients.
ShareFile Logo
The Brief
The pivotal moment in ShareFile's evolution demanded a brand that not only reflected its separation from Citrix but also highlighted its renewed emphasis on the human side of the client experience. How could we encapsulate the essence of a modern client experience and communicate the brand's commitment to simplification, collaboration, and automation? This challenge spurred the creation of a comprehensive brand system, utilizing a diverse taxonomy of assets and media to create a textured, engaging experience.
In response to the challenge, the brand system for ShareFile was meticulously designed to underscore the ease with which the platform empowers customers and their clients. Animated shapes in abstract, 3D planes convey a sense of flow and simplicity, while warm portraiture of people in comfortable work environments paints an authentic picture of contemporary work life. Spot illustrations inject playfulness and humor, dramatizing key value propositions. As the architect of this system, my role involved building it out across various environments and assets, creating templates, product illustrations, and motion storyboarding for product illustration.