Zachery Eng
Brand & Graphic Design
Open to Contract and Full-Time Opportunities
Available for Relocation


CD: Daniel Irizarry // Design: Vada Ortiz // Motion Design: Anton Gammershmidt // Photography: Breakfast For Dinner // Copy: Cody Beard // Strategy: Sara Cobaugh // CM: Claire williams, Erin Banks, Helsi Robino // Production: Myles Soderstrom
Project Overview
The essence of our project extends beyond the conventional narrative of insurance, weaving together threads of security, the digital economy, and a narrative brimming with hope and optimism. At-Bay's story isn't confined to insurance alone; it envisions a future where businesses and their customers thrive in a safer digital landscape. Positioned as a driving force in shaping this future, At-Bay addresses the myriad ways people interact with technology, placing the company at the forefront of fostering enhanced engagements between businesses and their tech.
The Brief
In the competitive realm of cyber insurance, the challenge lay in standing out amid the crowded space. How does one compete in an industry saturated with technical jargon and complex offerings? The answer was to inject a sense of levity into the conversation and redefine the relationship people have with technology. At-Bay sought not only to compete but to lead, elevating their profile and becoming the face of the cyber insurance industry. The challenge was to own the narrative, turning the spotlight on the evolving relationship between individuals and their tech, while simultaneously navigating the intricacies of the PR landscape.
Our solution revolved around crafting a compelling campaign that not only showcased At-Bay's identity and achievements but also placed the evolving relationship with technology at the forefront. By bringing a fresh perspective to the conversation and infusing a sense of humor, the campaign aimed to capture attention and redefine the narrative in the cyber insurance space. The key was to position At-Bay as a leader, not just in terms of technical expertise but as a company that understands the dynamic and evolving relationship people have with their technology. Through strategic messaging and a visually engaging campaign, our goal was to establish At-Bay as a trailblazer in the industry, uniquely attuned to the pulse of the ever-changing tech landscape.