Zachery Eng
Brand & Graphic Design
Open to Contract and Full-Time Opportunities
Available for Relocation


CD: Britt Hull, Ben Mcnutt // Design: Caroline Jones, Chandler Oseland, Becca Ray, Ginah Chae // Motion: Anton Gammershmidt // Digital: Guillermo González // Photography: Stocksy, Pexels // Illustration: Zachery Eng // Copy: Cody Beard // Strategy: Sara Cobaugh, Scott Beard // CM: Katie Rubin, Rocio Delgado // Production: Liisa Turan-Walters
Project Overview
Mynd's essence embodies the fusion of creativity and functionality, where elegance converges seamlessly with practicality. Much like a home, Mynd doesn't merely offer housing but envisions a transformative role. Inspired by the notion of building lives through homes, Mynd serves residents, owners, institutional investors, and vendors, aiming to create wealth and enhance experiences. This project is a celebration of diversity, fostering authenticity and unique journeys for each audience segment, echoing the holistic vision of Mynd in, around, and through homes.
The Brief
Confronted with the task of creating a cohesive identity for Mynd's diverse audience, our primary challenge lay in harmonizing varied elements. How could we bridge the gap between stability and playfulness, capturing the essence of essential building blocks while infusing a human touch? Mynd's vision of building lives through homes served as our guiding principle, challenging us to craft a strategy that not only met this criteria but also resonated with residents, owners, investors, and vendors alike.
In response to the challenge, our solution for Mynd is deeply rooted in a conceptual framework that seamlessly integrates the foundational symbolism of bricks with playful elements reminiscent of word magnets and sticky notes. Mirroring Mynd's commitment to building lives through homes, our design strategy strikes a delicate balance, creating a cohesive and inviting identity. The intentional blend of stability and whimsical, human elements not only addresses the challenge but goes beyond, ensuring that each interaction with Mynd is a transformative journey towards empowerment, confidence, and timeless allure for residents, owners, institutional investors, and vendors alike.