Zachery Eng
Brand & Graphic Design
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Google Research

ECD: Malcolm Buick, Jason Gnewikow // CD: Daniel Irizarry // DD: Brandon Stammen // Design: Sam Renwick, Loli Vaccaro // Motion: Cillian Carroll // UX/UI: Instrument // Strategy: Katherine Lee, Jonathan Colmenares Mendez, Liam Powell // MD: Jeff Jackson, Myles Soderstrom
Project Overview
At the heart of our project lies a commitment to shaping the future of sustainability, optimizing algorithms, and exploring epidemiological studies, as part of Google Research's relentless pursuit to progress science, advance society, and enhance the lives of billions. Tasked with the challenge of assisting Google Research in crafting an identity system aligning with their core strength—research, our collaborative journey began with initial thoughts already in motion. Our aim was to develop a flexible system capable of visually representing the magnitude and impact of their team. This subbrand is not just a visual identity but a dynamic representation, driven by the motivating concepts of dimension and motion.
The Brief
Our challenge with Google Research was twofold: to design a brand system that not only captured the expansive nature of their research but also remained inclusive, representing all stakeholders. We aimed to ensure that the diversity within Google Research, including the dedicated researchers behind the work, was vividly represented. This called for a holistic approach to create a visual identity that resonated with everyone under the Google Research umbrella while highlighting the significant contributions of individual researchers.
In response to the challenge, our team worked collaboratively to craft a dynamic identity system that does justice to the expansive work of Google Research. The flexible system not only captures the breath of topics, diverse collections, and in-depth analyses but also brings focus to highlight key information. We seamlessly integrated the motivating concepts of dimension and motion, ensuring that the subbrand not only reflects the complexity and fluidity of their research but also remains adaptable to future developments. This solution goes beyond a static visual identity; it embodies the dynamic essence of Google Research's commitment to advancing science and making a positive impact on society.